Starting the School Year Smoothly

A new school year is beginning. Are we ready?

What comes after summer vacation - a new school year! So now's the time to start planning for a new classroom experience. Now is the time to dust off and review classroom management materials and refresh those "first days of school" lessons. New teachers also need to create these things. One thing that never changes though, is the plan to make each new year better that the one before. Do you feel that way too? Most plans include:

  • rethinking the seating arrangement and desk position,  
  • planning how to present information - whether  on chalkboard, whiteboard, Smart board or screen,
  • creating tiered lessons, 
  • developing formative assessments to gauge student levels, 
  • and thinking of ways to establish working relationships.

What things can you share to make the first days of school run more smoothly?

Queen Bee

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